The Adventures of Hamish

Scott Masterton, Photographer, Scotland.

24 July 2016

Hamish Highlander comes from the Highlands of Scotland but he was sick of the rain, and the wind, and the midgies, and he wanted to travel and go on some adventures.

He asked if we would take him away with us, and we agreed to show Hamish some of the world.

Come join Hamish as he sets out to see the world.

The Adventures of Hamish

Click on the image to participate in the adventure.

Scott Masterton

Creative Photographer, Website Developer

Hunting light, using the ancient instincts of the hunt but without death as the final result, you reconnoitre, you plan, you watch, you wait, you take aim, you shoot… but instead of bringing death, you create… and make a moment of light, a moment in time… immortal.

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