‘Above the Clouds’ – a cloud inversion over Scotland.

27 December 2021 | Aerial View, Nature, Photography, Video

On 18 December 2021 a Cloud Inversion covered large areas of Scotland.

A cloud inversion, or temperature inversion is when the normal temperature distribution of air – warm at the bottom, colder as you go up – becomes inverted or flipped upside down. This means you have a cold layer of air trapped at ground level, overlain by warm air.

These are two of the aerial still image panoramas that I took as the clouds rolled over.

Cloud Inversion, North Berwick 'Law', Scotland.
Aerial view of sunset with a cloud inversion over Kingston Village, East Lothian, Scotland.

The following is compilation movie combining video footage and still images that I took that day. It’s just over 8 min long, and best viewed large on a computer, or you can also view it on your TV if you can get YouTube on your TV however the colours likely won’t match as well on a TV. Relax and enjoy…


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