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Image featured in online article

One of my images from a few years ago used in an online article to illustrate some of the coldest places in the world. I took this image in Altnaharra, Scotland, which holds the record for the lowest ever temperature in Scotland. Your content goes here. Edit or remove...

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Customer Order Ready For Delivery

A customer order ready to be delivered - some large Acrylic and Metal prints and some medium sized canvases. The Acrylics and Metal prints look particularly good in my opinion, although my wife Niki also really likes the canvases.Hunting light, using the ancient...

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Cover Shot – ‘Scottish Field’ Magazine

One of my images as used on the cover of the February 2019 edition of Scottish Field magazine, along with the original from my website which is available for sale as Wall Art in a variety of formats.This is the original image which you can see on my photography...

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The Ongoing Adventures Of Hamish – Part II

Hamish returns... The last we had seen of Hamish was when he flung himself into the sea and disappeared into the surf on the island of Eigg on the west coast of Scotland.Hunting light, using the ancient instincts of the hunt but without death as the final result. I...

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The Future will be Silent

In the days before, only a few could see. Uninhibited telecommunication feeding the unbridled megalomania, grandiose delusions running free... sprinting towards the extinction point. Now dust rises from seas burned dry, suffocating once thriving cities, killing,...

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Spark Page | A Photo Story | Hinterland

Hinterland presented by leading public arts organisation NVA will mark the official launch of the Festival of Architecture in March 2016 by inviting audiences to experience Scotland’s most iconic modernist building, St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross. Hinterland is a night-time public art event presented exactly 50 years since the iconic building was first opened.

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