I am a Creative Art Landscape, Seascape and Travel Photographer, based in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland. I also develop, install and maintain websites for individuals and small businesses.


I love exploring the beauty of our planet through photography. I especially like how the act of taking photographs anchors you in the here and now, heightening the senses and enhancing the moment. For me it’s like hunting light… using the ancient instincts of the hunt but without death as the final result. You plane, you reconnoitre, you watch, you wait, you take aim, you shoot… but instead of bringing death, you create… and make a moment of light, a moment in time… immortal.

If you are interested in viewing more of my images please visit my dedicated photography site – link found below

I tend towards minimal long exposures in a lot of my images as I enjoy the empty places of our beautiful planet and I find the interaction of light and time particularly fascinating. I create both black and white images, and colour images, but mostly tend towards colour. My photographs reflect my vision of what I feel I saw and experienced at the moment of capture.

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Website Development

I develop, install, and maintain websites for individuals and small businesses. Primarily these revolve around photography, travel, and property rental/sales, as this employs a degree of crossover between my photography and web development, however I am open to enquiries from anyone who thinks I can help develop a website to fulfill their needs.


Visit my dedicated photography website